Kennebec River

The Kennebec River offers many different options.  The river is known for its sections. The Forks, Bingham, Solon and Madison are our main focus. Each section has its own unique personality that can add to a client's experience. Choosing which section to fish depends on the client’s goals, species sought, individual skill levels and current conditions. The fact that each section is dam controlled means these sections are often a place to find cooler waters in warmer and drier months. 

Dead river drainage

The main stem of the Dead River starts at Long Falls Dam at the outlet of Flagstaff Lake. It flows freely and through remote territory until it reaches The Forks. Rainbow Trout, Landlocked Salmon and Brook Trout are the primary species found here. Trophy sized fish can still be found. The Dead features both easily accessed and remote sections, offering something for anglers of varying abilities and interests. The North Branch of the Dead River flows from Chain of Ponds into Flagstaff. It’s a smaller body of water, but a beautiful stretch featuring Sarampas Falls. The Dead River drainage also features many tributaries that are great to explore.  

Small Brooks & Streams

The northwestern and central parts of our state host numerous small mountain streams and brooks that hold wild Maine fish eager to take a fly. These brooks and streams are crystal clear and free flowing. Many offer small waterfalls and plunge pools ready to be explored for the angler willing to hike for solitude.  

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Do you have an idea for a trip? Good communication is the key. Let us know what you are looking to achieve. Guides are generally highly knowledgeable about specific areas. Therefore, honest conversation between guide and client is crucial to the planning of a successful trip.