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Maine is such a special place and offers so many opportunities for the fly fisherman (or woman). We specialize in half and full-day wading trips on the rivers, streams and brooks of the central and western parts of this great state. 


Pricing & Options


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One or two people. The mini-trip is designed to provide an experience for the angler that might not (for whatever reason) have the opportunity for a full or half-day trip. Mini-trips are geographically local and are 2-3 hours in length. Perfect for an evening fish after work or before your responsibilities grab hold in the morning. Waters/sodas and a snack provided. The mini-trip might be just right for the novice angler or the parent and young child combo. 

half-day wade


One or two people. These trips are mostly designed for times of the year when conditions demand less than a full day. Usually this means pre-dawn meeting times or fishing until your headlamp leads the way home. Waters/sodas and snacks are provided. Half-day trips often occur in the summer months when water temps are ideal early and late in the day. This is a great time of year to fish as the waders can be put away and foam-bodied, rubber-legged dry flies rule.

Full-day wade


One or two people. The full-day trip is designed for the “prime time” when conditions are best during the daylight hours. Full-day trips open to the angler a wide variety of rivers and streams to fish. Many hatches are in full-gear and most species are feeding.  Coffee, waters, sodas, snacks and a full lunch are provided. You won’t be disappointed or shorted with the full-day experience.